About us . . .

PACE Technologies was established January 1996, providing products and services to healthcare providers.  We are a one-source technology solutions company delivering automation systems, service, support and training to Healthcare Providers.  In 1997, PACE Technologies began partnering with Tom Johnson (CTS), naturally pairing software and hardware  products, service and support. 

The future of medicine not only resides in providing excellent healthcare to patients, but in coordinating the complex information surrounding that care.  PACE Technologies and CTS provide innovative information solutions to address those clinical information needs as well as practice management needs.  PACE Technologies and CTS work hand in hand to provide healthcare offices the complete technology package.  As such, our clients experience security and peace of mind, leaving more time to focus on their daily tasks. 


What makes us different . . .

Local Service and Support

Unlike our competitors, PACE Technologies is a local company, providing local service and support throughout Central and Northern California.  PACE Technologies provides on-site service and support to our clients. 

Additionally, our clients are welcomed to stop by our office and observe the systems operating in an actual office environment.