MicroMD is a Practice Management System.  It has a “user friendly” interface that allows you to take full advantage of the system in a short period of time, including easy-to-understand selections that guide you and your staff through its powerful features. 


MicroMD is designed to work for all varieties of medical practices, from single physicians to large multi-specialty medical groups.  It works in all varieties of medical practices, from single physicians to large multi-specialty medical groups, to MSOs and PHOs. It also works in all different specialties from Internal Medicine to Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Pathology, various Surgical practices, Ob-Gyn, Radiology, etc.



MicroMD’s Features:

ü      Complete “line by line” conversion from the Medical Manager.

ü      Pop-up calendars/calculators, task management, CrossCode messages, and multiple day sheets.

ü      HIPAA.  Customize HIPAA-compliant alert messages, print privacy documents for the patient at check-in, and run reports on the status of privacy statements.

ü      Patient Information.  Maintain and track patient account information, including insurance plans and cases. View account history, appointment history, referral history, prescription information, responsible party, planned visits – all from within the Patient Detail.

ü      Appointments and Scheduling.  Customize appointments and schedules for each provider and each practice. Protect appointment slots. Place patients on a waiting list.

ü      Billing.  Billing Inquiry displays specific patient information for quick and easy look-up. Aging is done automatically and sorted by patient, insurance plan, or both. MicroMD allows you to choose to send patients a bill or a statement.

ü      Post ChargesMicroMD allows you to post charges and payments from the same screen. Explosion codes enable users to post multiple codes for a frequently used procedure. Print patient receipts easily after posting.

ü      Post Payments.  Automatic payment posting takes the electronic remittance and automatically posts the payment, write-off, creates a note about crossovers and amounts to the deductible, and creates a secondary claim. Payment calculation screen appears to show the payment history of the insurance plan, along with the contracted and allowed amounts for the procedures.

ü      Charge Slips and Day Sheets.  Create charge slips within MicroMD using the default slip or by using Microsoft® Word® to create a customized slip for your practice.

ü      Electronic Claims.  The Claims Processing Screen displays claims for a particular form type and allows the user to modify claims, batch claims, or send claims individually.

ü      Prescription WriterMicroMD offers an optional Prescription Writer module. You can use this module to print prescriptions right from the patient detail window. Prescription Writer also helps the practice keep track of patient prescription history.

ü      CapitationMicroMD allows the operator to post capitated charges, as well as write those charges off to the plan at the time of posting. 

ü      PDA Interface

ü      To-Do List.

ü      Security.  With the various security features of MicroMD, supervisors can: know when changes were made to the system and by whom; track changes at the patient, practice, and system level; edit user access privileges; copy access from one user to another.

ü      Batch Posting.  Batch Payment Posting is helpful if an insurance carrier pays the office with one check covering several insurance plans within that insurance class. This allows users to batch post specific diagnoses and specific procedures a wide range of patients at one time.

ü      Hardware and SoftwareMicroMD uses Sybase SQL, a true relational database. Coupled with the networking power of Windows and the versatility of a client-server design, MicroMD works in all varieties of medical practices, from single physicians to large multi-specialty medical groups to billing services.

ü      Financial Reports.  From Provider Productivity to Patient Collections, MicroMD’s robust reporting module provides the ability to view the financial status of the practice in real-time. Users can access in-depth information of account receivables, collections, productivity, and summary reports.

ü      Managerial Reports.  The reporting module also provides the ability to view the overall status of the practice in real-time, from insurance profile reports to referring doctor reports to HIPAA reports report queues.

ü      Eligibility and Claim StatusMicroMD allows the user to verify a patient’s eligibility for an insurance plan and to verify the status of a patient’s claims. Users can do this either in real-time or in batches.