MicroMD Testimonials



EncounterPro Testimonials

Angela D. Hunt, M.D.
Town Center Pediatrics
Southborough, MA

Subject: THIS IS GREAT!!!

My office went live 2 days ago and it's unbelievable! For the first time in
my nearly 15 years in pediatric practice I left my office with all my charts
and notations completed for the day (now I just have to catch up on all the old stuff...). Ms. Nancy and Ms. Kathy were awesome ("wicked good trainers" in the local vernacular). Very professional and knowledgeable. Even my somewhat computer challenged staff is quickly sharing my enthusiasm.

Thank you so much for giving me a life again.


William Long, MD
Pediatric Associcates of Ohio
Whitehall, OH

While we have only been “live” for two months, we have realized several benefits in our practice. Our coding of E/M codes has become a more accurate reflection of our actual work. Documentation has improved and become more consistent across providers. Patient charts do not get misplaced and are available at each office. Other benefits I have noticed personally included:

Armand Gonzalzles, MD
Riverpoint Pediatrics
Chicago, IL

Since the installation of EncounterPRO my practice and clinical efficiency has improved. I am now able to easily comply with managed care referral guidelines because I know at the time of the visit which HMO, PPO, or other managed care organization the patient is assigned to. My visits per day have increased and billing and prescription errors have virtually disappeared. I am able to access EncounterPRO from home or from any computer making it possible to access charts at almost any time. Documentation is no longer a problem, and my telephone call documentation has improved 1000%.

Jeffrey D. Cooper, MD
Cooper Pediatrics
Decatur, GA

EncounterPRO has turned my office from chaos to Chopin. Patients move seamlessly through the healthcare sequence from check in to check out. Waiting times have been dramatically reduced every step of the way--not just the waiting room time. Parents are happier because going to the doctor no longer takes two hours out of their already overcrowded schedule. I can see more kids per hour with an actual increase in preventive services like screenings and vaccines--thus improving healthcare and increasing revenue at the same time.


Phelgar Washington, MD
Washington Eye Center
Indianapolis IN

When I selected EncounterPRO, the biggest motivating factor was the concept of having an office screen that displays the necessary patient activities. This is similar to the ER board that many of us are familiar with that lists where each patient is and what procedure needs to be done next. In a procedure-oriented practice like ophthalmology, the efficiency from this tool is tremendous. The idea of telling staff what to do silently without disruption took me over the top. Features like this can eliminate the need for signaling lights or flags on exam room doors.

Of course the most important function of an EMR is patient documenting, and this program accomplishes this task in a manner that suites my style. Instead of displaying a huge list of everything, only pertinent items are displayed. For example, if a person has diabetes and you are ready to order treatment, only diabetic treatments are presented as a choice. I feel that this is the best way to go when you are engineering a patient diagnosis and treatment. Since ophthalmologists utilize a lot of numerical input, the touch screen feature is the fastest numerical documenter that I've seen.

The final big feature is what JMJ calls workflow. Essentially, the program automatically sequences through your documentation depending upon the type of exam you have chosen.


IMPACT.MD Testimonials

“Training went very smoothly.  It’s a simple system to use – the secretaries, the doctors, and the rest of the staff caught on very quickly.”

                                                                                                John Mayfield, Practice Manager


“They (the office staff) feel that it has streamlines a lot of their processes and given them the ability to do their jobs better.  It has really increased job satisfaction.”

                                                                                                Susan Miller, Practice Administrator


“Things that we were doing before, very task oriented, have freed up, and now we are able to spend more time on the more important aspects of care . . . that are more meaningful to us.”

                                                                                                Dr. Foxx, Family Practice Physician


“We don’t have to file papers, we don’t have to spend money on space to store paper charts anymore.  We just scan it into the system and it’s there.  It’s at our fingertips when we need it.”

                                                                                                Lethia Collins, Certified Nurse Practitioner


“Ease of use is the best feature it has.  It’s so easy to use that almost anyone can sit down in front of this and use it, even without training as long as they have basic knowledge of Windows.”

                                                                                                Janet Connell, Practice Administrator


ReminderPro Testimonials

"The ease of it is a real value. We have become quite dependent on ReminderPro. It will make over a hundred calls in the evening after we're closed. We are a bilingual facility, and it takes only a matter of seconds to produce an English and Spanish message."

- G. Randolph, Mariposa Community Health Center

"Our orthodontic office has been using ReminderPro since June, 1998. When I took over as Account Manager in July, 1999, I was very impressed by this wonderful software. Since our office has an average of 40 patients per day, this great invention has relieved us of countless hours of making calls to remind patients of their upcoming appointment. Thanks again for developing this program...it has saved us so much time in our daily activities."

- Julee, Dr. DuBois, DDS

"The thing that I like best is that it frees up my time and I can set it any time during the day that is convenient for me. It just takes a few seconds. I value every minute I have, calls can be so time-consuming. If the computer can do it, great.

"I also like the fact that it calls the patients in the early evening when the office is closed. It's a better time to reach them. We had a problem with missed Monday appointments. Even when we did reach them on Friday, by Monday the patient would forget. We set the ReminderPro to call them on Sunday evening when they are planning their week. It has really helped reduce missed appointments.

"The patients like it: 'Hey, I like your message machine.' They like the fact that it's innovative...and that reflects well on us. Most patients are busy and they like the reminder, even if it's a message on their answering machine. When we upgraded to Windows, your support staff was very good about getting back to us. I don't have any problems, it's very simple to use. I really like it and I wouldn't want to be without it again, especially being the only person in the front office."

- Nancy, Office Manager, Dr. Calvin

"It's been very economical because we don't have to pay staff to do the calling. They click a button and download it and it's all set. What would have taken at least an hour and a half a day takes less than five minutes. I'm not computer literate, but after talking to your support staff I got it up and running in a half-hour to forty-five minutes.

"It's a very positive experience for most of our patients, too. When we ask them if they received our message, they respond and are grateful for the reminder. The familiarity of the voice made a difference: 'It was good to hear so-and-so's voice.' I think it gives them a more personal feeling in our large practice."

- Dr. R. F., Children's Medical Center